Support Us!
The Where Colours Come From team and I are very excited to announce our crowdfunding campaign. Filmmaking is a notoriously expensive thing to do and short films are (unfortunately) no exception. The money raise in this crowdfunding effort go directly and solely to our production costs: hiring kit, feeding crew, post-production, festival costs just to name a few. Continue reading SUPPORT US!


The Where Colours Come From team are excited to announce we have launched our crowdfunding campaign on Monday April 18th. It will be live till Wednesday May 18th. The campaign will last 30 days and is raising money directly for our project, to support us through production, post and beyond into the festival circuit. In … Continue reading ANNOUNCEMENT!

My Dissertation

By popular demand I have decided to share the dissertation I wrote for my BA (Hons) in Comparative Literature. I made a 42 minute video on my channel about the last week of the process and have mentioned it at various points though-out my last year, so audience curiosity is very understandable. Roxana and Juliette: … Continue reading My Dissertation

Blog Reboot

A new blog? In this economic climate? I haven’t blogged since 2014. If we don’t count tumblr of course, but we all know that wasn’t reeeeally blogging in the same sense. I had one before because I wanted to be a fashion journalist. Do I laugh or cringe? Both. Both is good. You can find … Continue reading Blog Reboot